mcsweeney's 20-12-2010

this is the latest edition of mscsweeney's magazine. for those of you who don't know mcsweeney's - yes, it really is. previously they've produced the magazine as a bundle of newspapers, as short stories individually bound and attached to the spine by magnets, as a z-bound double hardback, as a book with attached cd soundtrack... it contains stories, reportage, scripts, poetry, artwork, comics or some combination thereof. it's the deranged brainchild of dave eggers who still edits the magazine (i think). i don't always enjoy everything in it (of course), but i don't know any magazine which is created with such zest and such obvious enjoyment, nor one which gives me such excitement when it arrives every quarter.

dave eggers is also the creator and main driving force behind 826 national, a kids literacy programme for kids all over america which is a profoundly good thing

apropos which, you really should watch this

once upon a school