back again 05-09-2011




war and peace, the new tranlsation by richard pevear and larissa volkhonsky, the crazy cinematic sweep of it

kintail, loch duich, mam ratagan, glenshiel, the kylerhea ferry, the sound of sleat, arnisdale, loch hourn and pretty everything thereabouts, like norway but smaller and better for vegetarians

the bbc4 rupert goold / patrick stewart / kate fleetwood macbeth, terrifying

emma on audibook read by juliette stevenson, a fine reason for walking everywhere

flying, or rather having flown, or rather starting finally to get over a profound flying phobia, which turns large parts of the world from semi-fictional place on the tv into places i might potentially visit someday 

togo from ligne roset, possibly the most confortable armchair in the known universe

ah, the joys of the bourgeois life...

[kylerhea by martainn under creative commons on flcikr, airbus by andy mitchell ditto]