david cameron 03-02-2010

from my inbox this morning:

'dear mr haddon,

we invite you to join 150 of britain's leading thinkers, doers, creators and catalysts for a very special evening in london on wednesday february 10th, 6.30-9.30pm. gathering at a location in central London, you will be joined by conservative leader david cameron presenting his first ever TED talk, an 18-minute idea worth spreading.'

it sounds like the shortest, most boring rave in history (i think i may have stolen that joke from an article in the guardian).

david cameron having a big idea? a big idea being delivered in 18 minutes? an idea worth spreading? i'm not sure whether it's margarine or manure which comes most quickly to mind.

in truth, i find it sad, because i had always harboured a warm feeling about TED ever since i watched dave eggers' inspirational 'once upon a school' presentation in 2008. how ironic that the organisation which provided a platform to help him broadcast this gloriously inclusive idea should become an elitist freemasonry.

dave eggers @ ted