A Thousand Ships

A Thousand Ships starring Jane Lapotaire, Ann Mitchell and Michael Legge, directed by Peter Kavanagh, Radio 4, 2002

Coming Down the Mountain

Coming Down the Mountain starring Jonathon Lewis and Jonathon Robertson, directed by Polly Thomas, Radio 4, 2004, Bronze Award for Drama in the Sony Radio Academy Awards


Microsoap children’s series for BBC & Disney, Starring Rebecca Hunter, Paul Terry, Suzanne Burden, Jeff Rawle and Ivan Kaye, directed by Juliet May and others, 1998-2001, BAFTA for Best Children’s Drama 1999, Royal Television Society Award for Best Children’s Drama 1999, Prix Jeunesse 2000

The Kill

The Kill a part of Natural Histories: Short Stories Radio 4, 2016, currently unavailable.

The Bunker

The Bunker in Eight Ghosts; the English Heritage Book of New Ghost Stories, September Publishing, 2017


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