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  trans tv


my transsexual summer on ch4. this one caught me by surprise. genuinely moving and really interesting. it pains me slightly to use phrases like feelgood tv and restores your faith in humanity but the phrases really do apply. it also says fascinating things about sexuality and gender. specifically you don't have to watch for long before the borders we draw across those areas, which seem such a fundmental part of life for most people, start to break down and become irrelevant, for the viewer if not for those born on the wrong side of those borders. it's character that matters. it's the way we treat other people. in addition, the programme is proof, if more proof were needed, of how shallow and pointless and ultimately incomprehensible homophpobic / transgender prejudice is. it really is hard to watch this without falling slightly in love with everyone involved. though you might have to hide behind a cushion during some of the genital surgery sections...