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  portrait award

feeling pissed off (and slightly stupid for not having hitherto realised) that the bp national portrait award doesn't accept work in gouache on paper. not sure whether it's snobbery, a disinclination to handle breakable works or an attempt to keep the floodgates closed. i wonder whether the award should be more honestly renamed (i quote and edit verbatim-ish from the smallprint) the bp paintings-predominantly-of-the-human-figure-in-oil-comma-tempera-or-acrylic-comma-on-a-stretcher-or-board-comma-preferably-framed-and-definitely-not-on-paper-comma-unglazed-and-definitely-not-watercolour-or-pastels award. oh well, i guess it eliminates the queasy competing-for-oil-money quandary...