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  polar bears 3

it seems odd not to have written anything about polar bears over the last two week. the reason is that i've been in rehearsals, which has a been a fantastic experience, but also a tiring and time-consuming one. here's an interview from today's observer. i dislike doing interviews (it's hard having a pleasant, relaxed conversation whilst not forgetting that you're also simultaneously talking to ten thousand strangers). i don't much like reading them either. but a copying link to this is easier than writing something new.


(despite appearances that's not a photo of me in the stairwell of a victorian urinal but in the jerwood rehearsal space)

a couple of the cast have given interviews, too. but they're not much keener on them than i am, and we're trying hard not to give away too much in advance of the press night on 6th april, so i'll leave you to track them down yourself if you're feeling obsessive.